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The Purse Strap Holder ™

Watch this great short video!

Award winning inventor Patricia Reynolds has done it again with her ingenious one-of-a-kind purse accessory that totally ends slippage and keeps your purse and gear straps safely on your shoulder where they belong while freeing up your hands completely! No matter what!

No more slippage down to your elbow! With the Purse Strap Holder you can safely turn, twist, bend, run, swing around, pick up baby, keep your bag on your shoulder instead of the grocery cart, ride your bike, ride a horse, walk the dog and text, hold camera, binoculars, diaper bags, shop and travel comfortably with both hands free. Big or small bag! Stays up and on your shoulder no matter what the motion is! 

Hide the little Purse Strap Holder under your collar close to your neck or attach the little Purse Strap Holder with a design of your choice a few inches downward. Looks and works great with your fashionable bag or your hobo!  

Choose a Purse Strap Holder design to suit your personality. The Purse Strap Holder makes gift giving affordable and fun while you shop for the perfect designs. Buy three and get any design of your choice on the website with Free Shipping! No limits. Just send us a note with your order so we know which design you would like. 

The Purse Strap Holder totally does the job it promises. Women's Enterprise USA says, Purse Strap Holder is a tool for business women! Purse Strap Holder works for you all day long and on into the evening! Major News Papers feature the Purse Strap Holder again and again!  

The thin little pin-back on the Purse Strap Holder clip is scientifically and specifically designed for vests, jackets, coats and other substantial fabrics. The Purse Strap Holder is perfectly suited for denim in warmer weather.

 Pin it! Clip it! Flip your purse strap into the little curve of the Purse Strap Holder! And Go! Your bag is not going to slip off of your shoulder!

The Purse Strap Holder product is protected by Intellectual Property rights, including copyrights, and pending and issued U.S. patents. Foreign patents pending.