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Audubon Entities has been in business for 25 years developing and introducing innovative new products. Winner of "Best New Product Awards" at Trade Shows around the country!
Award winning inventor Patricia Reynolds has done it again with her ingenious, patented and one-of-a-kind "Purse and Gear Strap Holder!" Ride your bike, jog, shop, carry baby, several shopping bags, run, twist, turn, bend down to pick something up, walk your dog, carry your Star Bucks Coffee while texting and your bag will still be safely on your shoulder where it belongs and your hands will be totally free!


The Purse Strap Holder prevents purse strap slippage! The ingenious Purse Strap Holder is the only product on the market that prevents purse strap slippage no matter what you are doing. Throughout the day and on into evening your purse will stay safely on your shoulder where it belongs. No more purse strap falling down your arm to your elbow!  Your bag will stay on your shoulder and your hands will be totally free! This ingenious and adorable little Purse Strap Holder is a thoughtful and affordable gift for any occasion and every personality!