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The Original Petite Purse, Bag & Gear Strap Holder!

During a shopping trip to Macy’s in Chicago I came in contact with the Michael Kors buyer in the purse department. I asked her “What is the biggest complaint about shoulder bags?” “They are always falling off your shoulder” was her quick reply.
I pointed to the attractive little brooch on my fashionable jacket that was barely longer than 1” and told her this double-duty one-of-a-kind brooch and purse strap holder keeps my bag safe, secure, on my shoulder where it belongs all day and on into evening while my hands are completely free. She said “This is ingenious! If I did not work exclusively for Michael Kors I would want to represent your company.”
Our exclusive and original Petite Purse Strap Holder is specifically designed to never snag, rip or tear your coat, jacket or vest. Shop, travel, carry baby, pamper a sore shoulder, walk your dog, twist, turn, bend and your strap stays put on your shoulder.
The Petite Purse Strap Holder is a thoughtful and affordable gift for any occasion with designs for every personality. It will last a lifetime.