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Innovative Fashion Accessory Keeps Busy Women's Hands Free and Purse Straps Secure with New Styles for Winter

Patricia Reynolds, award-winning inventor of the Purse Strap Holder has introduced the one-of-a-kind, original beautiful brooch size Petite Purse Strap Holder and Bag Strap Holders in a variety of designs including Billing, Whimsey, Pets, Flowers, Beads and much more. Featured in Woman’s World Magazine once again! Showcased on the Today Show, HGTV, The Letterman Show, Newspapers, Magazines including Woman's World Magazine. We USA Woman's Enterprise Magazine and Catalogs around the world! 

Busy moms and women worldwide have been frustrated with keeping their purse or bag safe and secure on their shoulder where it belongs while totally freeing up your hands as you move through everyday activities. Whether toting a diaper bag and a baby or a handbag and a latte, purse slippage is bothersome. Simply hailing a taxi or bending down to pick something up will cause a purse strap to slip off one’s shoulder and is an inconvenience encountered by women numerous times throughout the day. The Petite Purse Strap Holder puts an end to shoulder slippage.

Patricia Reynolds created the Petite Purse Strap Holder to solve this very common problem experienced by so many woman with a small pin-brooch that keeps your hands free and is both decorative and functional. It is the perfect hands-free accessory for coats, vests and jackets by simply pinning on or below the shoulder close to your neck like a small brooch to keep your purse in place. This fashionable accessory and innovative product in not only functional but comes in a variety of styles that can complement any outfit with designs from florals to nature motifs. A plain black, gold or silver purse strap holder will attach under your collar.

Purse Strap Holder has unveiled all of their latest styles and designs for their winter collection including holiday themed clips and those that will catch the discerning attention of both an on-trend fashionista or a woman who simply wants to keep her purse in place.

It has become an easy gift for moms or stocking stuffers during holidays to give the gift of a secure purse while shopping, traveling or simply walking around. Furthermore these clips showcase images of everything from the Eiffel Tower to angels or from Leopard prints to pets and colorful gems, a thoughtful gift for any occasion and every personality.

This innovative Purse Strap Holder prevents purse strap slippage no matter what and is not simply purse strap slippage resistant; Throughout the day and on into evening, this product will keep a purse where it belongs, the wearers shoulder. This little fashion accessory will stop a purse strap from continuing to fall down one’s arm, keeping hands completely free. These stunning fashion accessories will save women aggravation while adding another touch of glamour to anyone’s outfit.